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Insider Loan Information

Mortgage Loan Types

About Subprime Mortgages
Mortgages for people with bad credit.

Refinance Mortgages

Mortgage Closing Costs
Which costs are truly necessary?

About the Loan Process

Bankruptcy & Foreclosure Information

Bankruptcy Frequently Asked Questions

Avoiding Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy and Your Bills
No nonsense bankruptcy information.

How to Avoid Foreclosure

Free Credit Repair Tips

About Credit Scoring
How credit scores can affect your mortgage approval.

Credit Scoring and the Lending Industry
How the lending industry uses credit scores.

Dealing with Credit Bureaus
How to deal with credit bureaus.

Dealing with Credit Bureaus
Effective no-nonsense strategies.

Dealing with Credit Bureaus
How to request a credit report.

Removing Negative Credit (Part One)
It's easier than you think!

Removing Negative Credit (Part Two)
Steps to repair Your credit.

Removing Negative Credit (Part Three)
Your rights are important!

Removing Negative Credit (Part Four)
Important information on credit repair.

Removing Negative Credit (Part Five)
Easy items to dispute on your credit report.

Removing Negative Credit (Part Six)
Steps to remove negative credit items.

Removing Negative Credit (Part Seven)
Additional credit repair techniques.

Removing Negative Credit (Part Eight)
Getting the edge on your creditors.

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